impeller blade

impeller vane

Any one of the vanes on the impeller of a centrifugal compressor, serving to take in air and accelerate it radially outward. Also called an impeller blade. See impeller (ii).
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to investigate the effect of the impeller blade angle and its shape on regenerative pump performance.
Traditional centrifugal compressors with design capacities of 967kW (275 ton) and less also begin to suffer a degradation of full load efficiency due to the smaller impeller blade spacing which increases the flow friction losses (Stoecker and Jones 1982).
ib_in] is the impeller blade angle at its entrance, [?
The shroud has its inner contour shape in such a way to match the impeller blade tip from the inlet to the exit of the impeller.
The distance from the surface of the liquid to the centreline of the impeller (submergence, S) was varied from the impeller blade height to half of the total liquid depth (0.
Beyond that, the leaching of iron can cause impeller blade failure and possibly leaks in the solder pot, forming a machine safety issue.
Impeller blade pitch adjustment can be carried out while still attached to the fan's drive shaft, the company said.
These cavities are usually formed on the impeller blade suction surface [10].
Values of the impeller blade height and width are b= D / 5, a = D / 4 respectively.
Larger radial gaps between the impeller and housing result in flow reversal at the impeller blade tips and reduced pumping efficiency.
The gun's large impeller blade provides for a large total air volume across the heating element, 285 liters/min.