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At least some in Congress are beginning to recognize that implosions can hurt a lot of people, and that those who cause them can expect little applause.
Beginning with the implosion of Piers E4 and E5 this month, there will be three consecutive blasting seasons over the next two years.
The events which shaped the landscape include episode of Lal Mosque drone attacks in FATA Memogate issue Salala incident and the ongoing political crises; each aimed to attack the credibility of the state institutions to inspire public confidence and carrying within them the inbuilt seeds of implosion violence and loss of state control for maintaining law and order and state legitimacy.
The question is, can we start off with a thick enough tube such that we can complete the implosion and burn the fusion fuel before the instability eats its way completely through the liner wall?
Implosion is a mechanically induced, high-speed process that creates a harmonic resonance that results in the destruction of glass while rendering it sharp free.
The proverbial "suitcase bomb" would be of the plutonium implosion type that, by nature of the isotope, has a much smaller critical mass.
We've witnessed the final implosion of Ralph Reed," said Charles Bullock, a political scientist at the University of Georgia.
The Swindle came in the aftermath of the implosion of the Sex Pistols, and told their story mostly from manager Malcolm McLaren's point of view.
WITH THE CONVICTION of Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, the CEOs who guided Enron through its meteoric rise and even more spectacular implosion of fraud and conspiracy, an era has come to an end.
Argentina is clearly on the road to recovery after its economic implosion of 2002.
We are realizing the worst prophecies of aging and demographic implosion, and European politicians should be seeing this with alarm," said the Cardinal.
And so we come back to plasticity as absolute exchangeability, Malabou's new, eminently metamorphic materialism; "The favored regime of change today," she has written, "is the continuous implosion of form, by which it is reworked and reshaped continually.