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killifish, also play an important role in mosquito control in open marsh water management and rotational impoundment management.
Short floaters may be absent from impoundments because they fail to recolonize after local extinction (Fahrig and Merriam 1994).
The effects of impoundments generally are most apparent in downstream areas and, consequently, the greatest attention has been focused on these areas (e.
In the brood-rearing impoundments preferred by geese, salinity levels can rise to sublethal and lethal levels.
Key words: Pacific loon, Gavia pacifica, Prudhoe Bay, impoundments, impact assessment, Alaska
Under these rules, "land disposal" includes placement of the wastes in any of the following: a landfill surface impoundment, waste pile, land treatment facility, concrete vault or bunker and other facilities intended for disposal purposes.
Adequate coverage of impoundments by cash and borrowable resources.
allow vehicle impoundments for roadside driving suspensions and for impaired driving convictions;
Closure of surface impoundments and landfills that fail to meet engineering and structural standards and will no longer receive coal ash;
The new regulations address the risks from coal ash disposal as far as leaking into ground water, air entrainment, and the catastrophic failure of coal ash surface impoundments.
A number of impoundments were constructed and used for waste storage and disposal throughout this time period, which eventually resulted in the contamination of soil and ground water.
The plans, developed by 16 electric utilities, were created in response to the government's assessment reports of the nation's coal ash impoundments following the disastrous failure of the Tennessee Valley Authority's coal ash impoundment pond in Kingston, Tenn.