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Since March 2015, Yemen has been heavily bombarded by Saudi warplanes as part of a brutal campaign against the impoverished country in an attempt to crush the popular Ansarullah movement and reinstall Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Yemen's president who has resigned and is a staunch ally of Riyadh.
We have a long-term mission to provide essential care and a quality education to the most impoverished children in Cambodia.
The idea is creating a livelihood for thousands of impoverished people in developing countries.
Newly elected President Michel Martelly said he was en route to the city s most impoverished neighborhood Cite Soleil, which officials said was completely swamped by the storm.
The financial aid for the most impoverished is a legal responsibility from the agreement between Macedonia and European Energy Community, under which the provision of energy is a universal service to be rendered to all citizens without discrimination.
We also supported an impoverished War Lord called Osama Bin Laden with weapons and money, as he was fighting the Russians who were in Afghanistan.
The revenues from this event would go to impoverished families that have lost their supporters as a result of acts of violence," she added.
The southern African nation is one of the world's most impoverished.
Professor Robin Alexander, director of the Cambridge Primary Review, said: "Our argument is that their (children's) education, and to some degree their lives, are impoverished if they have received an education that is so fundamentally deficient.
In addition, monetary donations to Heifer International can help with the teaching of urban gardening to improve incomes and nutrition for impoverished people in U.
We need to promote local food production rather than support (under the mistaken guise of defeating poverty) the exploitation of indigenous peoples whose lands are used to produce cash crops for export, too often leaving them so impoverished they can't afford to buy food.
After constructing a sociological analysis of neoliberalism that shows how it is totalizing and instrumentalist and therefore leads to an impoverished view of education, Harris (education, U.