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1. a producer or sponsor of public entertainments, esp musical or theatrical ones
2. the director or manager of an opera, ballet, or other performing company



in bourgeois countries, an owner or organizer of shows and concerts, or an agent concluding contracts and performing other services for a prominent artist on tour. In the 16th through 18th centuries in Italy, theater directors and also organizers and proprietors of private companies were called impresarios.

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A modest but surprisingly effective backdrop consisting of TLOC's own marketing posters from prior shows created an intriguing meta-context, as if the company were simultaneously poking fun at itself and its own real-life impresario, Artistic Director Spencer Duncanson.
All the impresarios had migrated to Israel in the 1950s and 1960s and were housed in outlying settlements, far from Israel's major cities.
IMPRESSED: American impresario David Bash on his first visit to The Cavern; Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT
We explained that Giulio Gatti-Casazza (the impresario, or general manager, of the New York Metropolitan Opera House from 1908 to 1935) had been mentioned when we were youths by relatives who were opera buffs.
Welsh impresario Sir Dai Llewellyn said he was astonished former Prime Minister John Major had enjoyed a four-year affair with her.
It is paired with The Impresario, a delightful one-act signspiel by Mozart, which is here presented for the first time on period instruments.
State and local issues continue to command attention, and in Philadelphia, TEI is planning not only a State update session by impresario Paul Frankel, but also programs on dealing with DOR discovery requests and synthetic leases and securitization.
com) and is marketed by Impresario Marketing+Advertising+PR (www.
A cheese and wine tasting, featuring cheeses chosen by Barrie Lynn, ``Cheese Impresario,'' plus Cole Bailey, Elkhorn Peak and Rued wines, is scheduled for May 10 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.
On Monday, it was announced that the Hard Rock Hotel chain had paid $125 million to buy the Paramount Hotel in Times Square from impresario, Ian Schrager.
in the end, the operative gestures of the project remain firmly in the hands of its impresario.
In 1993, some 14 years after "Rappers Delight" set the tone for the emergence of hip-hop and urban culture and roughly 10 years after hip-hop had exploded into mainstream culture, music impresario Quincy Jones launched Vibe magazine.