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We live in the age of immediacy; people want instant information and In-Situ will help reshape the way we shop - no more waiting for the delivery man to see how our furniture will look.
The average Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) between in-situ rainfall records and raw CMORPH estimates is found to be 9.
From an insight perspective, this research report has focused on various levels of analysis-industry analysis (industry trends, and PEST analysis), market share analysis of top players, supply chain analysis, and company profiles, which together comprise and discuss the basic views on the competitive landscape, usage patterns, emerging- and high-growth segments of the global in-situ hybridization market, high-growth regions and countries and their respective regulatory policies, government initiatives, drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
In-situ verification can either be done at the well site, or preferably remotely from the MPM Operations Support Centre located in Stavanger, Norway.
The principle of In-situ mining: To get the organics in oil shale cracking, we elevate the temperatures by heating the oil shale directly.
Country: Canada, Sector: Waste Management/Environment, Machinery/EngineeringTarget: PR Aqua Supplies LtdBuyer: In-Situ IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
In-situ technique involves a chemical reaction resulting in the formation of a very fine and thermodynamically stable reinforcing phase within a metal matrix [10].
2000, Wang and Winistorfer 2000a, 2000b) used a radiation based in-situ density monitoring system mounted to a laboratory hot-press to measure density changes during the hot-pressing of OSB mats.
It was hypothesized that (a) children trained with Eddie Eagle and BST would score higher than the control group on the self-report assessment; (b) children receiving training with BST would score better than Eddie Eagle and control participants on role-play assessments; (c) BST participants would perform significantly better then Eddie Eagle or control participants during in-situ assessments; and (d) for BST and Eddie Eagle participants who did not perform to criterion during the in-situ assessment, one in-situ training session would increase their performance to criterion.
Chemistry / Property Relationships In AA 206 Alloys (06-029) Investigation Of Iron And Copper Intermetallics In 356 Aluminum Alloy And In Al-7% Si Binar Alloy By An In-situ Thermal Analysis Probe (06-087)
Mobile injection equipment has been introduced for in-situ repair and strengthening of steel maritime and civil-engineering structures like bridge and ship decks.
The basic generalization appears to be that there are (at least) subject object asymmetries in extraction possibilities in multiple wh-questions: while a wh-subject can take the clause-initial position no matter what other in-situ wh-item there may be, the reverse is not the case.
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