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incarceration (and decarceration)

the separation of people from the normal routines of everyday life within organizations such as prisons, asylums, long-stay hospitals, the armed forces, and boarding schools. Long-term incarceration can lead to the problem of INSTITUTIONALIZATION, and so to problems of adjusting to independent existence, e.g. for former prisoners or patients.

Decarceration normally implies a more general policy of releasing people from institutions like mental hospitals. The policy of ‘care in the community’, embraced by Conservative governments in Britain in the 1990s, and in Italy before this, is an example of this philosophy See also TOTAL INSTITUTION OR TOTAL ORGANIZATION.

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is so punitive, and why, as a nation, we incarcerate so many of our citizens of color.
It's less expensive to educate than to incarcerate.
California and Florida now spend more to incarcerate people than to educate their college age populations.