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Its programme begins today and runs until March 12, with a host of other independent events including an evening with former children's television presenter Floella Benjamin at the International Slavery Museum and the In Celebration of My Sisters concert at the Philharmonic Hall.
Among the changes, the USGS has chosen to group dependent events such as three earthquakes that occurred from 1811-1812 in the New Madrid zone as clusters instead of independent events.
Promotion and tenure are usually discussed together in the literature, but they constitute two independent events that may or may not occur simultaneously depending on the institution.
Until now, in Japan, only private teams with self-owned hybrid vehicles have competed in independent events at various racing circuits.
A confluence of many independent events has forced up a new paradigm of fast, accurate communication by business and insurers.
Under the Prix umbrella, a series of independent events took place, including the meeting of the Canada-based World Radio and Television Council of public service broadcasters.
We recommend that additional objective tests based on independent events be incorporated into the regulations.
To help address issues related to shrinking travel budgets, the bioMerieux Odyssey mobile lab tour will play a larger role at regional trade shows and independent events.
Our first goal is to help artists participate in national, local and independent events in each country from exhibitions to concerts to film screenings.
ATC Week invites the air traffic control community to take part in a series of independent events and networking activities across the UAE between 4[sup.
Tim Sawyer, EVP Operations for Green Man Gaming added: "Having three independent events that connect the dots between marketing, ecommerce and customer service all in one place makes things infinitely easier.

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