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A mountain plant with parsley-like leaves and white umbrella flowers. The root is the part you want. It’s wrinkled and brown on the outside and yellow-white on the inside with a strong parsley smell. There is a red color where the leaves attach to the root crown, which has hair-like dead leafy stuff around it. Can grow to 7 ft (2m). CAUTION- it often grows next to and closely resembles poison hemlock, but differences are- Osha has a spicy celery smell, hair-like growth on root crown and wrinkled chocolate-brown roots that smell like butterscotch when split. Hemlock roots are white. Hemlock leaves smell bad and are smaller than Osha leaves, which have a strong celery odor when disturbed. Hemlock usually has purple splotches on the stem. Osha holds its seeds upright.Be careful because these two usually grow right next to each other! Do not touch if you don’t know. Poison Hemlock can be absorbed through the skin. As for Osha, the most used part medicinally is the root, which is very hairy and brown on the outside, yellow on the inside, has camphor like scent due to its essential healing oil. Osha root is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-microbial, anesthetic, antiviral, expectorant, diaphoretic, diuretic, decongestant, stimulant, prevents gas, promotes menstruation. Strong antiviral properties- take at the first sign of a cold or flu. Root can be chewed fresh for strong anti-viral properties and also increasing lung capacity, especially at higher altitudes. Very effective combined with Echinacea against bronchitis, tuberculosis, cold, flu, cough, sinusitis, toothache, arthritis, carpal tunnel, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, indigestion. Take as powder or tea. Do not take Osha for extended periods of time, take a week-long break every couple of months. Do not use during pregnancy.
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Initially, they appeared to deny that she claimed Indian roots, indicating instead that the designations may have been used without her knowledge or consent, which was a bit of a stretch.
Mint and Mustard on Whitchurch Road is a curry house with a difference that does some fantastic dishes that take inspiration from the owners' Indian roots but with some Welsh twists," said Tomos.
An art historian visits the island nation to trace the birth of Buddhism in Lanka & document Indian roots
Clare, who was crowned the 52nd Rose of Tralee at the festival last August, made history for London by making it the first Rose to successfully defend the title and the first Rose with Indian roots.
Entitled Indian Roots, American Soil, this public seminar will feature presentations from four leading Indian companies.
A: Namastey London was more of a love story between a British-born Asian who is in denial of her Indian roots and a guy who is from India with a deep-rooted connection to his homeland.
But as he grows older, Gogol struggles to make sense of being an American teenager with Indian roots and a Russian name, and increasingly rejects his family''s culture and ethnic heritage.
His mother, actress Angela Thorne, was born in Karachi and Rupert is keen to trace her family back as far as he can to see how deep those Indian roots really go.
My other half has Indian roots and loves his food hot and spicy - the challenge of picking his ingredients and watching two stick wielding chefs cooking it before his eyes was his idea of perfection, and we were not disappointed.
He disagreed with their European techniques, instead turning to his Indian roots in search of modernism.
Belly-dancing identical twins Neena and Veena, known as the Belly Twins, tap their Indian roots to bring a Las Vegas-style revue of Bollywood music and dance to the Alex Theatre Friday through Sunday in their show, ``Hooray for Bollywood.
trace the development of Chicano/Latino/Mexican American culture and society from its Indian roots to the present.

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