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or mode,
in verb inflection, the forms of a verb that indicate its manner of doing or being. In English the forms are called indicative (for direct statement or question or to express an uncertain condition, e.g.
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Taking account of the new assumptions, our target price for MOESK indicatively decreases by 15% to R1.
15 June 2012 a[euro]" Chinese solar photovoltaics (PV) solutions company ET Solar Group Corp and sector firm CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co Ltd announced today they have indicatively agreed to set up a PV system development joint venture in Germany this August.
Hence it was no surprise to me and our MP that indicatively it looks as though the judge agreed with us.
This budget is divided up, indicatively, between the three main scientific domains, with 45% going to physical sciences and engineering, 40% going to life sciences, and the remaining15% directed at social sciences and humanities.
The budget is set, indicatively, for a three-year period.
Indicatively, many of the same pioneers suggested one another