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Voodoo, which also involves 'killing' object/victims, is a belief system that develops strategies of indirection for overcoming powerful adversaries while avoiding direct confrontation, a system for leveling or disempowering powerful individuals who have inspired the envy of others.
There is no other way to explain the frustrating inconsistencies, omissions, and many instances of editorial indirection on display here.
After twelve years in the wasteland of rhetorical indirection under Ronald ("Bitburg?
Yet few mainland soldiers would make--or even recognize--power plays of such indirection.
Bureau of Chemistry ruled that Robusta could not be sold under any name which tended to convey the impression by direction or indirection that the beans were Coffea Arabica.
Like the drafters of the Wagner Act, trade unionists could attack corporate power best by indirection.
Albireo VDO is a complete data efficiency application for Linux including data deduplication, compression and indirection layer, enabling OEMs to continue leveraging all of their storage solutions' existing features, including existing Linux file systems, virtualization features, and data protection capabilities.
Contract award: Design and execution of the construction of sanitary sewer along with the construction of four pumping stations: task 1 pumping station P1 together with a network of sanitary sewage system, task 2 pumping P2 together with a network of sanitary sewage system, task 3 P3 pumping station and a network of sanitary sewage pumping station P4 task 4 and a network of drains sanitary indirection 5 sewerage network in the street.
Cosnay wagers on indirection, and we readers must engage in peripatetics similar to those of Helen herself, as we, too, look for truth (or some semblance thereof).
It has the obliqueness and indirection of Strauss, and its (unspoken) thesis is the Straussian nihilism that philosophy and faith are unfounded choices.