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The lower the inductance between power and ground, the lower the impedance.
Identification of stator inductance with high frequency signal must be done simultaneously with the vector control of synchronous machine.
The physical construction of a capacitor introduces a series resistance, specified as effective series resistance (ESR), and a series inductance, specified as effective series inductance (ESL).
INDUCTANCE IS PROBABLY the most confusing topic in signal integrity, yet one of the most important.
Grid densities of 1000 mils by 1000 mils, 1250 mils by 1250 mils, 1500 mils by 1500 mils and 2000 mils by 2000 mils were simulated using EZ-PowerPlane (1), and connection inductance of 0.
Even though the path for the return current under the trace is longer than the low frequency path, the loop area is smaller, hence the inductance (and impedance) is lower with the path A [right arrow] B [right arrow] C [right arrow] D [right arrow] C [right arrow] B [right arrow] A.
Prior to using Columbus-AMS, inductance for critical circuit areas was manually calculated.
Sequence Design and UMC (NYSE:UMC), a world leading semiconductor foundry, announced today that the two companies have teamed to complete the first ever silicon correlation of an interconnect self inductance parasitic modeler.
Sequence Design today announced it has received a patent for on-chip interconnect inductance modeling, an essential technology to insure SoC signal integrity.