induction coil

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induction coil

a transformer for producing a high voltage from a low voltage. It consists of a cylindrical primary winding of few turns, a concentric secondary winding of many turns, and often a common soft-iron core

induction coil

[in′dək·shən ‚kȯil]
A device for producing high-voltage alternating current or high-voltage pulses from low-voltage direct current, in which interruption of direct current in a primary coil, containing relatively few turns of wire, induces a high voltage in a secondary coil, containing many turns of wire wound over the primary.

Induction coil

A device for producing a high-voltage alternating current or high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage direct current. The largest modern use of the induction coil is in the ignition system of internal combustion engines, such as automobile engines. Devices of similar construction, known as vibrators, are used as rectifiers and synchronous inverters. See Ignition system

The illustration shows a typical circuit diagram for an induction coil. The primary coil, wound on the iron core, consists of only a few turns. The secondary coil, wound over the primary, consists of a large number of turns.

Induction coils of a different type are used in telephone circuits to step up the voltage from the transmitter and match the impedance of the line. The direct current in the circuit varies in magnitude at speech frequencies; therefore, no interrupter contacts are necessary. Still another type of induction coil, called a reactor, is really a one-winding transformer designed to produce a definite voltage drop for a given current. See Reactor (electricity)

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1] [member of] [0,x] in the TCR-antenna induction coils is calculated for several shunt points.
The ring-shaped multi-turn induction coil was produced from copper pipe in the form of a spiral.
The induction coil can be placed in or on the mould, or between the open mould halves.
But if the casting temperature was too high, about 15% of the billets "slumped" in their induction coils because they were not solid enough to maintain their form, and therefore, had to be scrapped.
During voltage measurements, the two induction coils are wired in series opposition to cancel background ac.
An induction coil in the rotor and an adjacent coil in the stator work together as a radio frequency rotary transformer.
Tenders are invited for Nimonic-75 Sheet For Skid Plates Of Vertical Induction Coils
The induction coils themselves are only warm to the touch.
According to Dill, the design will not put magnets or induction coils into the shuttle.
To date, traditional technologies have attempted to improve speech understanding by using hearing aid compatible (HAC) headsets, magnetic open-air induction coils, ear silhouettes, volume controls, or neck loops.
Tenders are invited for Supply of nimonic-75 sheet for skid plates of vertical induction coils