industrial engineering

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industrial engineering:

see engineeringengineering,
profession devoted to designing, constructing, and operating the structures, machines, and other devices of industry and everyday life. Types of Engineering

The primary types of engineering are chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, and mechanical.
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industrial engineering

[in′dəs·trē·əl ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
A branch of engineering concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, and equipment. Also known as management engineering.

Industrial engineering

A branch of engineering dealing with the design, development, and implementation of integrated systems of humans, machines, and information resources to provide products and services. Industrial engineering encompasses specialized knowledge and skills in the physical, social, engineering, and management sciences, such as human and cognitive sciences, computer systems and information technologies, manufacturing processes, operations research, production, and automation. The industrial engineer integrates people into the design and development of systems, thus requiring an understanding of the physical, physiological, psychological, and other characteristics that govern and affect the performance of individuals and groups in working environments.

Industrial engineering is a broad field compared to other engineering disciplines. The major activities of industrial engineering stem from manufacturing industries and include work methods analysis and improvement; work measurement and the establishment of standards; machine tool analysis and design; job and workplace design; plant layout and facility design; materials handling; cost reduction; production planning and scheduling; inventory control, maintenance, and replacement; statistical quality control; scheduling; assembly-line balancing, systems, and procedures; and overall productivity improvement. Computers and information systems have necessitated additional activities and functions, including numerically controlled machine installation and programming; manufacturing systems design; computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, design of experiments, quality engineering, and statistical process control; computer simulation, operations research, and management science methods; computer applications, software development, and information technology; human-factors engineering and ergonomics; systems design and integration; and robotics and automation.

The philosophy and motivation of the industrial engineering profession is to find the most efficient and effective methods, procedures, and processes for an operating system, and to seek continuous improvement. Thus, industrial engineering helps organizations grow and expand efficiently during periods of prosperity, and streamline costs and consolidate and reallocate resources during austere times. Industrial engineers, particularly those involved in manufacturing and related industries, work closely with management. Therefore, some understanding of organizational behavior, finance, management, and related business principles and practices is needed. See Computer-aided design and manufacturing, Human-factors engineering, Operations research, Production planning

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The school of Mines in Medellin provided a skilled degree in engineering of oils, and the Bucaramanga and Cali universities initiated special courses of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering.
Before looking at its relationship with baseball, we must discuss industrial engineering as a discipline because it is a little-known and often-misunderstood field of engineering.
Over 200 papers consider such areas as materials science and processing technologies; general mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, and dynamics; mechatronics, robotics, and vehicle engineering; control technologies, automation, design, and simulating manufacture; power systems, energy engineering, and applications; electronics and integrated circuits, embedded technology, and applications; measurement, testing, monitoring, identification and detection, analysis, and methodology; signal and image, video processing, data mining and acquisition, computational mathematics, and algorithms; and product design, planning, project management, and industrial engineering.
It s a great environment for me to apply my industrial engineering training and learn from my co-workers.
First-semester courses for those entering the industrial engineering technician program include Intro to Computer-Aided Drafting, Engineering Drawing and Measurement, Manufacturing Materials and Processes, Written Communication and College Technical Math 1A.
The current members of the Materials Handling and Industrial Engineering Committee, along with some other TAPPI technical groups that may have had an interest in these TIPs, were notified in November and December 2002 that these would be proposed tot withdrawal unless a member volunteered to chair their reviews by December 31, 2002.
Apple was a pioneering contributor to a new understanding of materials handling as a separate discipline within the field of industrial engineering.
Enriquez, who holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Texas University, is a longtime resident of Mexico.
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