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Alicia denied claims of her affair but a restaurant owner in Philadelphia confirmed that her steamy affair with LaScala has begun even before she was given tapes of Eddie's phone calls that revealed her husband's infidelities.
Perhaps Henry Cabot Lodge didn't need more reasons to hate Woodrow Wilson, but if you posit Lodge's knowledge of his wife's infidelity and combine it with her recent death, plus the rumors, true and false, about Wilson's infidelities, you begin to understand that there might have been something more than principle behind the loathing and contempt Lodge had for the president.
Oldham then cuts to Don talking about what he felt the moment he found out about Steve's infidelities.
Almost 90 per cent of female infidelities are with men they know, while 12 per cent would take up with a man they have just met.
The disclosure of the speaker-elect's marital infidelities, disclosed in Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, sent a new jolt of uncertainty among lawmakers as they prepared for the momentous debate over the president's admitted misbehavior in office and whether he should be impeached and tried by the Senate.
The opera begins with a prologue, which Morris sets in a big-city bar late at night with a crowd of tipsy gods and mortals trading tales of infidelities.