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1. Pathol any substance that passes into and accumulates within cells, tissues, or organs
2. Pathol a local anaesthetic solution injected into the tissues to cause local anaesthesia



an accumulation in bodily tissues of cellular elements admixed with blood and lymph. Inflammatory and tumorous infiltrates occur most often.

An inflammatory infiltrate consists chiefly of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (suppurative infiltrate), erythrocytes (hemorrhagic infiltrate), lymphoid cells (round cell infiltrate), and histiocytes and plasma cells (histiocyte-plasma cell infiltrate). These infiltrates may be resolved, may liquefy, or may undergo sclerosis and form caverns, abscesses, scars, and so forth.

A tumorous infiltrate consists of tumor cells of different kinds (carcinoma, sarcoma); it is a manifestation of the infiltrating growth of a tumor. When an infiltrate forms, the tissue enlarges, changes color, and becomes harder and sometimes painful. In surgical practice, an infiltrate is an induration that develops in tissues when they become saturated with an anesthetic.


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Gosen (2012) noted in a quality project performed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center that staff did not consistently report infiltrate events.
The infiltrate in tuberculosis spares the dermal nerve twigs when observed.
For example, the histologic features of syphilitic infection and lymphogranuloma venereum in the anorectal mucosa have very similar histologic features including a chronic inflammatory infiltrate rich in plasma cells.
Further it was found that the amount of chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate is higher in Grade II ( 38 mm) then Grade III (29mm) and Grade I (10mm) of OSMF.
Periapical cysts with atrophic epithelial lining were related to moderate mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate in the cyst capsule.
Usually there is one infiltrate which can be larger than 2mm, it may also have irregular edges and a ring infiltrate around it.
We know these sites are trawled by organised groups seeking to infiltrate.
Prostatic tissue infiltrated by an atypical lymphoid infiltrate under low and high power.
The papules show an infiltrate that is 'pressing' against the epidermis; they are seen in the hyperergic paucibacillary forms of leprosy (TT, BT) and they are not symmetrically distributed.
What: Eight-part sequel to last year's miniseries about the war on terror at home, with Michael Ealy as the Muslim FBI agent who infiltrates another domestic terror cell and Oded Fehr as the terrorist heading up another attack.
Using intelligence we were able to infiltrate a number of networks of drug dealers who we took out of the area', he said.
His lesion featured the distinct radiologic and histopathologic characteristics of EAF, which include an onionskin and whorled fibrosis that surrounds the blood vessels and an inflammatory infiltrate that is predominated by eosinophils.