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1. Pathol any substance that passes into and accumulates within cells, tissues, or organs
2. Pathol a local anaesthetic solution injected into the tissues to cause local anaesthesia



an accumulation in bodily tissues of cellular elements admixed with blood and lymph. Inflammatory and tumorous infiltrates occur most often.

An inflammatory infiltrate consists chiefly of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (suppurative infiltrate), erythrocytes (hemorrhagic infiltrate), lymphoid cells (round cell infiltrate), and histiocytes and plasma cells (histiocyte-plasma cell infiltrate). These infiltrates may be resolved, may liquefy, or may undergo sclerosis and form caverns, abscesses, scars, and so forth.

A tumorous infiltrate consists of tumor cells of different kinds (carcinoma, sarcoma); it is a manifestation of the infiltrating growth of a tumor. When an infiltrate forms, the tissue enlarges, changes color, and becomes harder and sometimes painful. In surgical practice, an infiltrate is an induration that develops in tissues when they become saturated with an anesthetic.


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ISIS terrorists carried out several terrorist explosions at the entrance of Ain al-Arab and killed at least 120 civilians when they infiltrated the city last Thursday.
Peace camp leaders certainly took seriously the potential threat of be ing infiltrated.
Newspaper websites including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal have also been infiltrated, according to the news organizations.
Soldiers patrolling along the Israel-Egypt border identified a number of suspects who had infiltrated into Israel," the military said in a statement.
Spokesman of the national transition council, former Justice Minister, Mustapha Abdeljalil Boudjaj, denounced that among the mercenaries who infiltrated Libya there are Malians, Nigeriens, Ethiopians, and unfortunately polisario mercenaries," Errichi told reporters.
An undercover policeman who infiltrated a group of environmental activists has said he feels suicidal in the first interview since the operation was revealed.
In an interview with a British broadcasting organization, Rehman Malik said the recent gruesome attacks in various places of Pakistan were carried out by those infiltrated from Afghanistan.
He suggested that this means that the Mossad has already infiltrated Hamas, and wondered whether previous assassinations of "resistance figures" such as Hizbullah leader Imad Moghnieh were also helped by Mossad agents in Hizbullah.
LAHORE/ISLAMABAD, January 18, 2010 (Frontier Star ): 30 suicide bombers of the defunct Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have reportedly infiltrated Punjab, which might target media, press clubs and political personalities, said a report released by police and sensitive agencies here on Monday.
Microscopically, the tissue was substantially infiltrated by an atypical lymphoid infiltrate positive for CD20, BCL2, CD5 (weakly), κ light chain and cycline D1, consistent with mantle cell lymphoma (Fig.
Officers have also infiltrated and dismantled six paedophile rings, all of which had international connections outside the UK.
In a statement read out at Merthyr Crown Court, local councillor William Smith revealed the horror of life on the estate before a five-month police operation infiltrated the four main gangs.