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Astrology an ethereal fluid or occult power regarded as emanating from the stars and affecting a person's actions, future, etc.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrologers often speak of the correlation between planetary positions and earthly events in terms of influence, as if the planets actually exert forces—analogous to gravity or magnetism—that cause a particular incident. If pressed for an explanation, however, the majority of professional astrologers would probably offer a different type of explanation, such as the Jungian notion of synchronicity.

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No organization is an island, so it has to work hard at both influencing and ensuring it is systematically influenced back.
It appears that expenditures incurred in an effort to influence lower-level Federal officials and all state officials are still deductible, provided such efforts do not also relate to influencing legislation.
Key Features Influencing Online Reservations in US Business Travel in 2012: Survey Snapshot is the result of an extensive multi-industry survey drawn from Timetric's exclusive panel of US business travelers.
Consequently, formal influencing (downward) and informal influencing (upward) together encompass the leadership relationship between leaders and followers.
26% responded that an influence other than those listed above was most responsible for influencing their fashion style.
Teachers in the leadership institute demonstrated leadership when they extended their professional lives beyond the classroom by influencing the actions of other teachers.
Once a general understanding of the various factors influencing current trends has been achieved, a number of secondary goals may be addressed.
Influencing physician behavior is one of the most useful management techniques to improve and sustain high performance.
The preamble to the regulations refers to comments urging the adoption of a principal or primary purpose test whereby an activity would be treated as influencing legislation where the principal or primary purpose for engaging in that activity was to make or support a lobbying communication, even if the activity was also engaged in for other, non-lobbying purposes.
While examination of the current status of the capital markets and the factors influencing those markets leads one to the conclusion that the real estate market in the U.
The foundry selected six variables from a list of 34 that had a reasonable probability of influencing the quality of the heat.
Thus, when dealing with the teams in these situations, OSCs must preserve their continued efforts to collaboratively negotiate their perspectives and options by influencing them to accept any divisive outcomes in a palatable way, based on rationality and the needs of those to be influenced.