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(civil engineering)
A broad highway, such as an expressway, freeway, turnpike, for high-speed traffic.



a road without grade crossings and limited to motor vehicle traffic. Superhighways are built to speed up mass automobile traffic. A superhighway usually bypasses cities and industrial centers, which are linked to the highway by access roads. Superhighways are designed and built in the USSR according to norms established for first category highways. The traffic in each direction moves on separate roadbeds, with an obligatory dividing strip at least 5 m wide. If the traffic on the superhighway is heavy, lighting is installed. If there is considerable commercial traffic, separate lanes are built for passenger cars, trucks, and buses. In conformity with the International Convention of Road Signs and Signals (Vienna, 1968) the beginning and end of a-superhighway must be marked with special road signs. Examples of modern superhighways are the access road to the Domodedovo Airport (Moscow) and the Moscow Ring Highway.


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