information warfare

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information warfare

Also called "cyberterrorism" and "cyberwarfare," it refers to creating havoc by disrupting the computers that manage stock exchanges, power grids, air traffic control, telecommunications and defense systems. The traditional viruses, Trojans and denial of service attacks are part of the arsenal, all aimed at disrupting a government rather than a company. See virus, Trojan and denial of service attack.

Information warfare is increasingly the first offensive move before the start of a physical attack. The military in many countries have full-time cyberwarriors on the payroll, because the more successful a cyberattack on an early warning defense system, the greater the success of the real attack. For example, according to the book "Cyber War," North Korea may have as many as a thousand hackers stationed in China, working on knocking out systems in South Korea and other countries.

The first book to deal with the subject was "Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway," written by Winn Schwartau in 1994. Cited above, "Cyber War," by Richard A. Clarke and Robert K. Knake is an eye-opening treatise on the subject, released in 2010.
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This case of air-based strategic warfare also presents significant similarities to the challenges facing the development of strategic information warfare capabilities in the twenty-first century.
The book's historical model is intriguing, and it offers some new background about the topic, but its approach underestimates the cognitive and organizational shifts that information warfare entails.
The destruction of a communications switching center, for example, whether by an airstrike, a special operations team, or a malicious computer code modification is information warfare because the objective is to gain control of the information environment.
Under the contract, Titan will provide engineering and technical information warfare support to the AFIWC, as well as other Air Force, Department of Defense, and governmental agencies.
Both in the information-in-warfare and information warfare arenas, our organization provides equipment and system support in meeting our partners' national security needs.
All of the Services are responding in some manner to the challenges of the information age and the imperatives of information warfare.
Whether it is providing collaborative IO planning to the Joint Force Maritime Component Commander, Information Warfare Commander or giving NETWARCOM an overall global IO picture, the MIC is a knowledge asset that is making a difference for the warfighter.
The award of this contract continues a decade-long partnership during which we have provided a wide range of expert technical and operations support to the Air Force Information Warfare Center's information operations, information warfare and intelligence missions," said Bob Farrell, vice president and general manager of the Information Solutions unit.
Work to be performed includes systems architecture, systems engineering, system design, configuration control, pre-installation and post-installation testing, systems integration, information security and engineering support for acquisition in all SPAWAR business areas including command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; information technology; targeting; and information operations and information warfare.
On one level, Information Warfare (IW) and deterrence are well matched, but on other levels the two topics can be seen as orders of magnitude apart.
On Tuesday, February 6, Bivio's director of federal sales, Bill Kalogeros will join James Collins, research and development engineer with the Air Force Information Warfare Center in leading a presentation on "Platforms for Secure Military Networks: Defense in Depth and IPv6.
Information warfare and organizational decision-making.

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