infrared wavelengths

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infrared wavelengths

Following are the infrared wavelength range divisions according to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and common subdivisions. See infrared.

   Major       Wavelength  Division   (micrometers)

   IR-A        .7 - 1.4

   IR-B       1.4 - 3

   IR-C         3 - 1,000

WavelengthCommon Subdivisions   (micrometers)

   NIR (Near IR)           .75 - 1.4
     Fiber optic telecom

   SWIR (Short WL IR)      1.4 - 3
     Fiber optic telecom

   MWIR (Mid WL IR)          3 - 8
     Heat seeking missles

   LWIR (Long LW IR)         8 - 15
     Thermal imaging
     Forward-looking IR systems ( FLIR)

   FIR  (Far IR)            15 - 1,000
     Lasers, spectroscopy

   WL = wavelength
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Center for Quantum Devices director Manijeh Razeghi says that by absorbing infrared wavelengths and bands, their camera offers the benefits of both active and passive systems.
in the near infrared spectrum--NWIR (near infrared wavelength region, where NIR-near infrared region), with wavelengths of 0.
The five original infrared wavelengths have been color-coded to allow scientists to differentiate extremely cold material (red) from the surrounding, slightly warmer stuff (blue).
Dampney Thurmalox 250 Solar Collector Coating is formulated to selectively absorb greater than 90% of the sun's visible and infrared wavelengths, which contain the most heat energy, depending upon the material and application.
Such a frigid extreme is necessary to allow JWST to probe the universe at deep infrared wavelengths between 0.
The inorganic pigment is said to be non-toxic and an extremely efficient energy absorber at the infrared wavelengths emitted by CO2 lasers.
The sensor is based on infrared technology that simultaneously processes four infrared wavelengths.
Arranged in a Y configuration, it collects visible light and infrared wavelengths to see details of stars and regions near them.
The SHARP system is an all-digital tactical reconnaissance system capable of wide-area coverage at long ranges in both visible and infrared wavelengths.
Light only passes easily through the skin over a narrow range of infrared wavelengths, but silicon surfaces do not reflect these wavelengths very well.
With its new Colorcomp Infrared (IR) colorants, LNP now offers custom compounding of broadband infrared filters designed to preferentially allow specific infrared wavelengths to pass through a plastic part.
The dust is heated by the young stars and radiates energy at infrared wavelengths.