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Long a little-known part of injection well programs, aquifer exemptions have gained some attention in recent years, particularly as watchdogs discover that state and federal regulators are poorly tracking them.
The water is discarded by pumping it into so-called injection wells, which send the waste thousands of feet underground.
Although their conclusions differ from the findings of federal geologists, they highlight the questions some scientists are raising concerning the relationship between earthquakes and injection wells, which are used heavily in waste disposal and in the oil and gas industry.
Pipeline construction has commenced starting with injection Well 55-15, expected to be connected by the end of January, 2010.
Dave Neslin, the director of the commission from 2007 to 2012 and has continued to work on oil and gas issues, said that seismic activity around injection wells is rare.
With their help, the Company's professionals ensure protection of injection wells downhole equipment against high pressure and corrosion, as well as provide for all round optimization of the RPM processes.
Y-6 Canyon Unit, Fisher County, Texas -- The company has scheduled the conversion of three existing wells into water injection wells in the second quarter.
DCI technologies (dual completion and injection) were implemented in 67 injection wells.
Oklahoma regulators have directed several oil and gas producers in the state to close injection wells and reduce volumes in others.
As of 31 December 2015, the sold assets in the Hugoton area were comprised of 70 producing wells, 45 injection wells, five water supply wells and 86 inactive wells.
California oil producers need injection wells in order to re-inject the water that comes to the surface along with the oil.
1) Fracking generates vast amounts of wastewater, which is then pumped into injection wells which lead thousands of feet underground.