innkeeper's daughter

innkeeper’s daughter

Highwayman’s sweetheart, shoots herself to help him avoid capture. [Br. Poetry: Noyes “The Highwayman”]
References in classic literature ?
Vincy had descended a little, having taken an innkeeper's daughter.
He meets the flirtatious innkeeper's daughter Kitri , whom he mistakes for his lady love Dulcinea.
In one of his adventures, he meets Kitri, an innkeeper's daughter who he thinks is his ladylove Dulcinea.
An innkeeper's daughter in Auvers (the French town where he spent his last days) recalls Vincent as "a nice quiet man".
The Scotch Piper was originally known as The Royal Oak, until a Highland piper, injured in the 1745 Jacobite rebellion, is said to have taken refuge at the inn and fallen in love with, and married, the innkeeper's daughter.
After a serious pause there, we went on to 'ooh' and 'aah' over the picturesque buildings nearby, some bringing to mind images of the innkeeper's daughter waiting-waiting-waiting by the window for her love in our one-time favourite poem, The Highwayman.
When he takes the goose into town, the innkeeper's daughter tries to steal a feather and she gets stuck, as do all who touch her.
She was only an innkeeper's daughter, but she never lodged a complaint.
The story tells the tale of Mary Robinson, a beautiful innkeeper's daughter from Buttermere .
The ballet does not attempt to reproduce Cervantes' novel but focuses on the on-off romance between the innkeeper's daughter Kitri and the financially-challenged barber Basil.
The characters of the barber, the innkeeper's daughter, and Quixote and his squire have been danced since Jean-Georges Noverre's version in the mid-eighteenth century.
I remarked to the owner that the painting was very beautiful and he told me that it was an original of the very first Innkeeper's daughter from the 1700s.