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We could not--or at least we had not succeeded up to date in making organic life in our laboratories out of inorganic materials.
Deposit formation in recovery boilers is a major cause of boiler plugging and lost productivity in the pulp and paper industry, inorganic material that is generated in the furnace and entrained by the combustion gases as particles and vapors deposits on surfaces of the boiler.
To balance green sand's chemical and physical properties, the application of an inorganic material such as soda ash (sodium carbonate) is beneficial TABULAR DATA OMITTED but must be controlled at low levels.
The ethoxysilyl groups then react to the surface of the inorganic material during this mix.
Optional features such as Help Plus Image Recognition Trainer, Bat-code Scanner Integration, Enhanced Organic and Inorganic Material Identification, and TIP are available to improve security at the inspection point.
The inorganic material sector is worth an estimated $74 billion in 2010 and is expected to grow to $103 billion in 2015, a compound annual growth rate of 6.
The group hasn't yet done the wide spectrum of tests that would indicate whether the inorganic material will work in engines, Singer says.
On both the atomic and macroscopic levels, abalones use proteins to direct the crystallization of inorganic material.
Depending on the sludge, 5 percent to 50 percent is comprised of inorganic material.
The shell, a natural ceramic consisting of 95 percent inorganic material, fascinated Sarikaya.
Shepherd is world-renowned for his research in inorganic material chemistry and is the Canada Research Chair in materials chemistry.
The bags are said to be just as strong and safe as their standard counterparts, but fully degrade to carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of inorganic material after four years, compared with standard bags which take 100 years or more to fully degrade.