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The position and/or motion of the input device can be tracked according to various methods including one or more of a motion and orientation sensor, a camera, or an electromagnetic- or sound-based triangulation scheme.
To date, this has been done with the aid of laser tracking systems but with the new input device employees need only pick up the device and show the robot what it is supposed to do.
com) has announced the Document Exchange Server, which, the company says, is designed to facilitate the exchange of documents and information between standard document input devices within an organization--such as multifunction peripherals (MFPs), scanners and e-mail--and transactional business processes such as invoice processing, new account openings, claims processing and sales order processing.
The input device provides the human interface to the controller.
Monitor also gives instructors the ability to disable keyboards and other input devices, as well as block access to individual applications.
The outcomes of the mentioned studies are difficult to interpret in terms of a clear advantage or disadvantage of one input device over the other, given that the effects of users' expertise, level of motor skill performance, and different characteristics of input devices seem to be mixed up.
Programmable and virtual keyboards are dependent on software programs that accommodate on-screen keyboard access by mouse, switch, joystick, trackball, or other input device.
They compute the output device states from given input device states.
The successful selection and implementation of an effective, efficient and easily adopted data input device can make or break the program.
Seattle-based Stratos has worked with Apple Computer to develop the Apple Powerbook Trackpad input device, as well as with Microsoft Corp.
Golden Unit specification helps to ensure quality and full interoperability of future ZigBee Input Device products
Avago Technologies announced a thin ultra-compact input device product that combines a navigation pad module with a motion sense and interface IC to provide mouse-like pointing in a variety of mobile devices.