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US and Canadian a university teacher ranking below assistant professor



(in Russian, prepodavatel’), a term used in the USSR in its broad sense to denote a staff member of a higher, secondary specialized, vocational, or general-education school who teaches an academic subject; in its narrow sense the term designates a staff position in higher, secondary, and vocational educational institutions.

At higher educational institutions a senior instructor who is usually a candidate of sciences performs the work of a docent. As a rule, the position of instructor is provided for in subdepart-ments where much emphasis is placed on practice or drill, as in subdepartments of foreign languages, physical education, and sports. At higher educational institutions senior instructors and instructors are hired on a competitive basis, whereas at secondary specialized and vocational educational institutions they are appointed by the director when a vacancy occurrs. At general-education schools instructors are called teachers.

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These four varieties of case instructorship represent only an illustrative sample of the pedagogic arsenal available to the teacher.
Dooley and Skinner (1977) continue their presentation and provide four forms of instructorships.
I'm sure Morris was recommended for a stateside gunnery instructorship.
As I've elsewhere told, I was passing through the capital on my way from graduate study in Berkeley and a job in Davis, California, to an instructorship at Harvard.
Muchmore completed a Fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism, followed by Instructorship in Medicine, at University Hospital, Seattle in 1982.
Receiving an instructorship in anatomy and working under the guidance of noted medical biologist George B.
I also lost an instructorship in English at Loyola University.
Scheduled to begin in September, the program also provides funding for new instructorships and professional development opportunities for existing welders.
8) Women are scarce in higher ranks (23% of all full professors), and more visible in lower ones (58% of instructorships, 54% of lectureships, and 51% of unranked positions).
Our academic appointments have included sessional instructorships, senior tutor positions, and tenured faculty positions.
Scholarships, Instructorships, and Academic Funding