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in the grammar of certain languages (e.g., Russian), the casecase,
in language, one of the several possible forms of a given noun, pronoun, or adjective that indicates its grammatical function (see inflection); in inflected languages it is usually indicated by a series of suffixes attached to a stem, as in Latin amicus,
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 referring to means or instrument. The Latin ablativeablative
[Lat.,=carrying off], in Latin grammar, the case used in a number of circumstances, particularly with certain prepositions and in locating place or time. The term is also used in the grammar of some languages (e.g., Sanskrit, Finnish) for a case of separation, e.g.
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 may in some instances be termed instrumental.


a piece of music composed for instruments rather than for voices
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The author demonstrates how teaching and learning in instrumental music can and should be aligned with current educational theory and practices.
Apart from the private practice of instrumental music, Pietro Leopoldo Organized performances of liturgical services in the Family chapel from 1791 to 1796.
The balance of information presented will assist the instrumental music director well, especially those with less experience with brass.
Despite the lack of sources, the first Czech music historians generally believed that instrumental music had been abundantly played and composed in the Bohemian Lands, but later authors tended more to the view that at the least in the particularly obscure first third of the 18th century the conditions were not favourable for the independent development of instrumental music there.
Keith Polk himself provides many of the data, continuing an important long series of important articles about instrumental music during the Renaissance, while other papers in the volume, by Bruno Bouckaert and Eugeen Schreurs, and by Trevor Herbert, provide new and interesting details about individual players.
He pursues these developments across rive chapters that trace a gradually shifting and broadening focus, from philosophy of mind and late-eighteenth-century aesthetics at the outset--where a pejorative tradition of viewing music as a merely emotional experience was transformed by new theories of subject-object relationships, which merged epistemology and asthetics--to Hegelian notions of the German state, the culmination of what Bonds calls the "politicization of instrumental music--or, to be more precise, the politicization of listening to instrumental music [.
Daniel Sternberg, director of instrumental music at Simi Valley High School, said the school's marching band will be led by an award-winning drum major, Erich Drossel, who also marched in a London New Year's Day parade this year.
Each CD features eight tracks of original instrumental music, CD+graphics and lyric book
Compiled, organized and edited by Keith Polk, Tielman Susato And The Music Of His Time: Print Culture, Compositional Technique And Instrumental Music In The Renaissance is the fifth volume of the "Bucina: The Historical Brass Society Series" and combines biography with musicology to provide readers with a fully descriptive and informative history of the life and accomplishments of one of the most productive and influential men in Renaissance Europe.
I think audiences would be more open to instrumental music if they were exposed to it, but with how the music industry is now they probably won't know about us.
My two incredibly hip instrumental music teachers, both professional jazz musicians, had arranged for a guest artist to perform with an all-star group of students.
Rameau: Dardanus and Le Temple de la Glorire, instrumental music.

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