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1. Economics of or relating to services rather than goods in relation to the invisible balance
2. Economics an invisible item of trade; service

What does it mean when you dream about being invisible?

Invisibility is a natural symbol of the unconscious mind. Also, something that is forgotten. Hidden influences.

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The intangible assets can be classified in several ways, which are the base for analysis in disciplines like management, accounting or marketing.
The excess earnings method, a common application of the income approach, is most often used to evaluate the intangible asset that represents the primary earnings driver of the business--for example, customer relationships or technology.
Even though intangible assets are not widely accepted as collateral, there does remain a trend in the US market to lend against these types of assets.
Calculate the return on intangible assets by dividing the net income (from the income statement) by the intangible asset value found in Step 2.
economy, the country is still largely failing to acknowledge the real value of these intangible assets and to provide innovative companies with the funding they need to capitalize on them.
The developed model represents the influence of fundamental value of both tangible and intangible assets upon the market-value of assets of a company:
The more unique the intangible asset, the greater its valuation is likely to be
Except as set forth in certain accounting regulations, goodwill is not specifically identified as intellectual property or a separate intangible asset.
As an industry, the average intangible asset (IA) index ranking in August 2007 placed the insurance sector in the 63rd percentile.
In the Patent Box, all profits allocable to self-developed intangible assets that are patented or qualifying research & development activities are subject to a special tax regime at a rate of 10 per cent.