nogging piece

A horizontal timber fitted between the quarters of brick nogging and nailed to them in order to strengthen the brickwork.
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But until the power units have become ready, BP and OOC are to connect their system to the existing Mussallim facilities through a power line called 132kV Inter-tie, this will include the extension of the Mussallin sub-station with an additional bay on its eastern side to supply Khazzan including all the protection relays and UPS system and batteries.
This includes providing support and technical land assistance for a region-wide electrical power inter-tie in.
The simple economics of electricity supply therefore tells us these systems will likely voluntarily inter-tie.
At times, the country generates an excess of electricity, which is sold to other Central American countries using an electrical-transmission inter-tie system.
At a total cost of $237 million, the Second Supply Project will include modifications to the Tacoma Water Green River Headworks, a 34-mile pipeline from the Headworks to Tacoma with an inter-tie to Seattle's Cedar River Supply System, new water treatment facilities, a new fish rearing facility and numerous environmental enhancement projects.
Grid inter-tie battery back-up systems currently comprise the majority of residential systems.
The transmission inter-tie technology to be employed at Tres Amigas is a vast improvement over the technology used at most of the existing AC/DC ties in the United States.
Strong project economics, with transmission inter-tie to Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO)/PJM Interconnection (PJM), mine-mouth coal supply with projected competitive cost of power ($49/mwh [megawatt-hour] average wholesale cost to members), off-set by continuing construction risk until project completion.
Strong project economics, with transmission inter-tie to regional transmission operators, Midwest Independent Transmission Operators (MISO) and PJM, as well as a mine-mouth coal supply that will produce competitive and stable wholesale power for NIMPA members;
In this research, Frost & Sullivans expert analysts thoroughly examine the following markets/applications/technologies: Wind Energy Generators, Component Markets of Wind Energy Generators and Total System Installation Market based on Offshore and Onshore application with either Grid or Off-grid inter-tie for residential, industrial and commercial use.
The Nexus meter line provides a communications platform to enable extensive advanced monitoring features including substation and transmission grid inter-tie monitoring.
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