nogging piece

A horizontal timber fitted between the quarters of brick nogging and nailed to them in order to strengthen the brickwork.
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This includes providing support and technical land assistance for a region-wide electrical power inter-tie in.
The simple economics of electricity supply therefore tells us these systems will likely voluntarily inter-tie.
At times, the country generates an excess of electricity, which is sold to other Central American countries using an electrical-transmission inter-tie system.
At a total cost of $237 million, the Second Supply Project will include modifications to the Tacoma Water Green River Headworks, a 34-mile pipeline from the Headworks to Tacoma with an inter-tie to Seattle's Cedar River Supply System, new water treatment facilities, a new fish rearing facility and numerous environmental enhancement projects.
Grid inter-tie battery back-up systems currently comprise the majority of residential systems.
The transmission inter-tie technology to be employed at Tres Amigas is a vast improvement over the technology used at most of the existing AC/DC ties in the United States.
Strong project economics, with transmission inter-tie to Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO)/PJM Interconnection (PJM), mine-mouth coal supply with projected competitive cost of power ($49/mwh [megawatt-hour] average wholesale cost to members), off-set by continuing construction risk until project completion.
announces that TU Electric Company (OTC Bulletin Board: TXSCL) and Texas-New Mexico Power Company have purchased its MARK-V Series Energy Meters for installing at their utility inter-tie points in order to provide ERCOT (The Electric Reliability Council of Texas) with real-time metering data required for monitoring and controlling energy transactions occurring on the Texas electricity transmission grid.
Strong project economics, with transmission inter-tie to regional transmission operators, Midwest Independent Transmission Operators (MISO) and PJM, as well as a mine-mouth coal supply that will produce competitive and stable wholesale power for NIMPA members;
NCE said completion of the inter-tie will help keep NCE electricity rates lower than they otherwise would be.
In this research, Frost & Sullivans expert analysts thoroughly examine the following markets/applications/technologies: Wind Energy Generators, Component Markets of Wind Energy Generators and Total System Installation Market based on Offshore and Onshore application with either Grid or Off-grid inter-tie for residential, industrial and commercial use.
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