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A network simulation language.

["Design and Implementation of a Pascal Based Interactive Network Simulation Language", R. Lakshmanan, PhD Thesis, Oakland U, Rochester MI 1983].


A term describing a program whose input and output are interleaved, like a conversation, allowing the user's input to depend on earlier output from the same run.

The interaction with the user is usually conducted through either a text-based interface or a graphical user interface. Other kinds of interface, e.g. using speech recognition and/or speech synthesis, are also possible.

This is in contrast to batch processing where all the input is prepared before the program runs and so cannot depend on the program's output.


The back-and-forth dialog between the user and the computer. Games are always interactive, and most computer applications are interactive. The user selects a task, and the computer carries it out. Then the user selects another. Many Web pages are also interactive and increasingly function like locally installed applications (see dynamic Web page).

Not Interactive
A static Web page that has only links to other pages would not be considered interactive (see static Web page). In addition, a small utility program that performs one specific task may run without user interaction. After launching, the utility executes a set of instructions and exits.
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