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A layer located between layers of different character.



the appearance of new structures and processes in an already formed life system. Examples of intercalation are the articulation of new stages alongside already existing ones in the process of individual development, the formation of secondary venules between the main ones in the wings of insects, and the formation of additional silica in diatomaceous algae.

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Regardless of nanoclay type, SAXS results confirmed the intercalation of the silicate layers in both mixing temperatures.
In the studied material, intercalation occurs in direct speech and in many cases in the adjoining turns within dialogue.
Tannen (1989: 50) emphasizes the cohesive function of repetition which in the present study may be seen as a way of strengthening the basic cohesive function of intercalation.
or by Pausa intercalation both in Samvat 31 and Samvat 34 at a gap of 36
direct intercalation of the molten polymer (melt intercalation): and
The extrapolated ratio of the number of intercalations per 19 years was used as an indicator of constancy.
Numerous thin gypsum intercalations in the Verkne Fm.
1 and Table 1) show that SPT is also more effective in dispersion than Mica and MMT in intercalation in a PI matrix.
Among the NBRs, the improvement in the strength was found to be higher for NBR with higher acrylonitrile content and the results were explained by means of XRD data, which showed that the extent of intercalation was a function of the polarity of the rubber.
However, the intercalation of MMA into the interlayer spaces of GO and the following in-situ polymerization have not been reported.
The objective of this study is to examine the possibility of synthesizing PI/Organo-MMT nanocomposites by a solution Intercalation process and to evaluate effects of this synthesis on the thermal, mechanical and gas barrier properties.
The Samira Gold Deposit is hosted by a distinctive sedimentary sequence of argillaceous and graphitic schists, quartzite and greywackes with minor intercalations of volcanic rock.