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The meeting was the first serious effort to re-engage since the collapse of negotiations in 1998 with former President Ernesto Perez Balladares (1994-1999) for a drug- interdiction center (see EcoCentral, 1998-10-01).
Joint Pub 3-03, Doctrine for Joint Interdiction Operations, goes one step farther and deals specifically with interdiction operations at the joint and operational level.
International Training and Technical Assistance: The USCG provides international training and technical assistance to enhance the interdiction capacities of international partners.
We use the term supply chain interdiction to reflect a strategy where an organization competes via supply-side actions designed to prevent rivals from acquiring, moving, or converting critical resources to gain a market advantages.
4) Air interdiction destroys or interrupts those elements of an enemy's system of supply or communication for a sufficient time that the degradation will immediately or in due course prove fatal to his continuance of effective operations.
NATO said MIOmoves is a flagship training simulation and is being used at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center in Greece.
like-minded states" to cooperate on interdiction is a successful
Joint Publication (JP) 3-03, Joint Interdiction, describes interdiction operations as "actions to divert, disrupt, delay, or destroy an enemy's surface capabilities before they can be used effectively against friendly forces or to otherwise achieve objectives.
What does the Interdiction Fund mean to livestock owners?
In particular, a search-and-seize exercise is underway to enhance our ability to inspect ships suspected of transporting weapons of mass destruction,'' said the official, adding the maritime interdiction drill is based on a scenario that a North Korean ship has violated the Yellow Sea border.
The authors' second edition text focuses on the most commonly tested domestic interdiction techniques and methods available to law enforcement professionals--including creative new initiatives, innovative programs, and strategies--to combat America's drug problem.
It will examine the current state of interdiction policy; provide historical and forward-looking justifications for change; explore why change has not occurred; and, finally, advocate a politically realistic path for reform.