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The heterogeneous interference range represents the main reason leading to the asymmetric interference relation.
The interference range set of the users is [250; 300; 350] and the users randomly select one from the set as their range in the simulation.
They proposed grouping algorithm which selects one group leader within its interference range.
All four nodes are situated within the interference range of each other.
The result is that the area of study can be widened without losing the resolution level--limiting the interference range with a single bi-prism would hurt resolution.
Pertinent Data: The non-electrostatic head eliminates the interference range and features heightened damage reduction mechanisms, using both spring recovery and shear pin methods to absorb impact.
Sources of interference range from mobile phones and high-definition satellite broadcasts to a communication project employing airships being promoted by the Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Ministry.
Also, suppose that each radio terminal has a coverage range R and an interference range R'.
11 based MAC protocols do not completely solve the hidden terminal problems due to large interference range [14].
This assumption is not practical since it is very easy to have a situation that the interference range is larger than two hops.
For links within interference range, the co-channel interference occurs from transmissions on the same channel, whereas the adjacent-channel interference occurs from transmissions on adjacent and overlapping channels.
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