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A physical environment containing open space, such as parks and gardens; infrastructure, such as roads, utilities; and built structures, such as homes, schools, hospitals, and factories.


All or any portion of a building, area, or structure, including the site on which it is located, wherein specific services are provided or activities are performed.
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Loma Linda Pediatric Specialty Hospital, located less than three miles from 900-bed Loma Linda University Medical Center, consists of a multi-building portfolio that includes three operational facilities: a 56-bed sub-acute pediatric and adolescent nursing facility, a 15-bed intermediate care facility for developmentally disabled children and a 37-child licensed pediatric day school and preschool that includes enrollment of children with special medical needs.
The Hancock Center, a psychiatric intermediate care facility specializing in geriatric patients, was designed by Clark Nexsen Architecture & Engineering and developed by Gilbane Development Company.
Her father was in hospital for two months then went to an intermediate care facility.
In the absence of the HCBS waiver these individuals would require the level of care offered in a hospital, nursing facility, or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded.
Julie Campbell-Taylor is the staffing coordinator at Centennial Health Care Center, a skilled nursing and intermediate care facility in Portland, Oregon.
Northern Wisconsin Center (NWC) is a state operated intermediate care facility for persons who have intellectual disabilities that specialize in serving individuals who have developmental disabilities combined with mental illness and aggressive/challenging behaviors.

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