intermediate frequency

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intermediate frequency

[‚in·tər′mēd·ē·ət ′frē·kwən·sē]
The frequency produced by combining the received signal with that of the local oscillator in a superheterodyne receiver. Abbreviated i-f.

intermediate frequency (IF)

In superheterodyne receivers, a frequency resulting from the combination of the received modulated carrier frequency and the locally generated oscillator frequency. An intermediate frequency is so called because it lies between the modulated radio frequency and the audio frequency.
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Providing high linearity up to 380 MHz, single-ended operation, and an on-board detector for AGC loops allows the AD8368 to be used across all the common intermediate frequencies, while simplifying design and reducing component cost.
This, in turn, minimizes the number of intermediate frequencies within the radio design, thus reducing power consumption, cost, component count, and board area, and advances system-level performance in applications such as wireless base stations.
This allows it to receive data at a high speed, while maintaining low distortion and noise, simplifying the transmit signal chain and enabling high quality synthesis of wideband signals at intermediate frequencies up to the Nyquist rate (one half of DAC sampling rate).
It is a 16-bit, 400-MSPS complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) DAC that sets new benchmarks in distortion and noise performance, allowing synthesis of multicarrier transmit signals at intermediate frequencies of 140 MHz and beyond.
The SRF-1016 operates from 40MHz to 300MHz, covering typical 2G/3G wireless intermediate frequencies.
By eliminating all intermediate frequencies, the direct-modulator approach significantly reduces the transmit architecture complexity, allowing for multi-mode, multi-standard operation with virtually no RF filters.
The Cable Modem Tester will be used to test intermediate frequencies of an LMDS broadband distribution system.
Joe Pina, Director of Sales, stated "The CNG-CATV Cable Modem Tester covers the traditional applications of cable infrastructure and cable modem testing and also has the flexibility to test intermediate frequencies of newer broadband technologies, such as LMDS.

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