High Seas

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High Seas


in international law, that part of the world ocean that is outside the territorial waters of any state and is for the general use of all states.

The high seas are used on the basis of the generally accepted international legal principle of freedom of the seas, which stipulates that no country has the right to extend its authority to the high seas or to the air space above. The principle was affirmed by the 1958 Geneva Convention on the High Seas. All states have rights to commercial and military navigation on the high seas, to fish and hunt marine animals, to lay cable and pipelines, and to conduct scientific research; the aircraft of all countries may fly freely over the high seas.

A ship on the high seas is governed only by the authority of that state whose flag it flies. This is known as flag jurisdiction. An exception to this rule is the right of a foreign warship to stop and inspect another vessel on the high seas under certain conditions. During time of war, the high seas may become a theater of military operations.

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He also said that the Iranian Navy's 36th flotilla of warships which includes Jamaran destroyer and Bushehr logistic warship has started its mission in free and international waters since late September to provide security to the country's cargo ships and display the Islamic Republic's might and power.
The cargo is being taken to Italy, escorted by Russian and Chinese warships, where it will be loaded onto a US Navy ship and shipped to international waters for destruction in a specially created titanium tank on board, the BBC reports.
The Somali pirates were convicted of seizing a Yemeni fishing boat and kidnapping its crew in an unknown location, a matter that harm the economic status of Yemen and endanger the safety of maritime navigation in the territorial and international waters.
Major General Mohammed Al-Thimali, Commander of Tabuk Region, said following a more-than-40-hour search by the Saudi concerted rescue team, the missed sailor was pinpointed in the international waters off Dhuba, picked by a rescue boat, transferred to a chopper and finally rushed to Dhuba hospital where doctors described his condition as stable.
The boats, two civilian vessels carrying 27 passengers from seven countries, will sail from international waters directly to Gaza.
The UNASUR recalled that under international law civilian ships cannot be attacked even by parties in war time, especially in international water.
Mr Hague also raised the issue of why the flotilla was stopped by the Israelis while it was still in international waters.
That was a pure act of piracy in international waters on a peace fleet.
Carrying over 700 passengers, the flotilla faces a possible confrontation with Israel as warships have already been positioned in international waters.
The articles include new approaches and analytical frameworks as they give details on the domestic side of the Indus water dispute, the role of political instability in the development of international waters in Lesotho, issues of water security on the Danube, negotiations between China and Cambodia in the Mekong region, and domestic security around the Lake Chad basin.
Between July 1, 2005, and June 30, 2007, the GEF approved 19 new projects in the focal area of international waters.
A leading doctor has called for an urgent legal review of the rules governing international waters after a company offered to provide unlicensed stem cell jabs on board a Welsh ferry.

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