High Seas

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High Seas


in international law, that part of the world ocean that is outside the territorial waters of any state and is for the general use of all states.

The high seas are used on the basis of the generally accepted international legal principle of freedom of the seas, which stipulates that no country has the right to extend its authority to the high seas or to the air space above. The principle was affirmed by the 1958 Geneva Convention on the High Seas. All states have rights to commercial and military navigation on the high seas, to fish and hunt marine animals, to lay cable and pipelines, and to conduct scientific research; the aircraft of all countries may fly freely over the high seas.

A ship on the high seas is governed only by the authority of that state whose flag it flies. This is known as flag jurisdiction. An exception to this rule is the right of a foreign warship to stop and inspect another vessel on the high seas under certain conditions. During time of war, the high seas may become a theater of military operations.

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The GEF Biennial International Waters Conference is the signature learning event for the GEF International Waters portfolio of projects.
We are seriously concerned about the seizure of British nationals in international waters and this aspect of the Israeli operation must form a key part of the investigation into these events," he said.
It is believed that if indeed the military zone has been extended it was done to pursue the flotilla in international waters, and away from the coast of Gaza.
A key element in the GEF's strategy for international waters includes the sharing of project experiences and structured learning for the portfolio.
But Dr Lloyd, a Plaid Cymru AM, said, 'This therapy is illegal in the UK and Ireland so it is vitally important that we know what happens in international waters, beyond the jurisdiction of the UK and Ireland.
Since 1967, maritime law has changed to prevent anyone claiming sovereignty over any artificial construct in the sea And, to top it off, you have to go a lot farther to find international waters around the UK.
The statute broadly defines space or ocean activity to include any activity conducted in space and any activity conducted on or under international waters (as recognized by the United States) or in Antarctica.
The GEF is intended to benefit four areas of global environmental concern: biological diversity, climate change, international waters, and ozone layer depletion.
The Senate has passed a bill that would broaden the scope of damages for fatal crashes in international waters.
Since Turkey is contiguous to Syria and Lebanon, two of the Jordan River Basin riparians and shares with them other international waters (the Orontes and TigrIs Rivers) they might well be able to play an important role in helping to alleviate the severe water shortages faced by the nations in their immediate area.
It will be of keen interest to anyone interested in the management of international waters.
4, Iran's interest in the trade became clear to destroyer crews when the USS Nicholson cut off and boarded a diesel smuggler in international waters, and an Iranian patrol boat sped to the scene.

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