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The Israeli authorities, for example, tend to deny accusations of interrogational abuse or torture, (73) and Palestinians making such accusations have often faced mistrust from the Israeli (and to a large degree the U.
For example, Professor Walzer has argued that in a case in which interrogational torture offered the last, best hope for avoiding a nearly certain calamity, a morally conscientious official would be constrained to acquire morally dirty hands.
2) The former view can be seen in Stephen Kershnar, "For Interrogational Torture," International Journal of Applied Philosophy 19 (2005), pp.
37) David Luban recognizes that interrogational torture for the purpose of "intelligence gathering in gravely dangerous situations" can be understood--incorrectly, in his view--as consistent with liberalism.
197) Still, it is worth remembering that interrogational torture was very much on the minds of those who insisted on the necessity of the Eighth Amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishments.
Engaging the arguments of Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and his ilk for legalizing interrogational torture, particularly the so-called "ticking time-bomb" scenario, Brecher (moral philosophy, U.
Indeed, in a well-regulated system of interrogational or judicial torture, the torture should begin, as it often did in early modern Europe, with the torturer showing the prisoner (the candidate for torture) "the instruments of torture," explaining the use of each.
Equally provocative is the thesis that medical contributions to interrogational torture may be morally defensible under conditions that offer the possibility of preventing egregious harm to others.
If doctors remain convinced that interrogational torture could save more lives than other forms of interrogation, avoids unnecessary harm, and only targets those who have forfeited their right to self-esteem," Gross argues, "they may consider providing facilitating medical care during an interrogation.
The individuals in question became subjected and subjected themselves to external examination (physical, psychiatric, interrogational, postmortem) and its internalized version (self-examination of, respectively, sexual history and the prehistory of transgression).
It is disciplined, structured, focused, leading, interrogational.
at 1506-07 ("The use of preventive interrogational torture under certain extreme circumstances is inevitable.