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An individual who is intermediate in sexual constitution between male and female.



an organism that to some degree possesses characteristics of both sexes simultaneously.

An intersex should be distinguished from a gynandromorph, in which the characteristics of the different sexes are distributed mosaically, that is, in various parts of the body. In contrast to normally functioning bisexual organisms, sexual function in an intersex is usually underdeveloped.

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Intersex conditions may occur in two percent of live births, Christmas says, though New Zealand rates are not known.
Intersex conditions, also known as disorders of sex development, are congenital conditions in which the development of chromosomal, gonadal or anatomical sex is atypical.
We selected the larger adult fish from those that were caught in order to avoid the inclusion of sexually immature fish and to maximize the chances of including more severely intersex individuals in the study because prevalence and severity of the intersex condition increase with age (Jobling et al.
Part I of this Comment discusses the constitutional protection of the right to marry, intersex conditions, and case law regarding intersex, transsexual, and same-sex marriage.
But frankly, no one knows for sure if certain intersex conditions facilitate an athlete's success.
The intersex condition included clusters of primary oocytes nested in an otherwise normal testicular tissue and, in the more severe condition, contained secondary oocytes (Figure 6E).
There are numerous other intersex conditions, including several for which the cause is unknown.
However, among the male YOY white perch (n = 16), an intersex condition of the testis was observed in 8 males.
There was no abnormal testis development or intersex condition in genetic males exposed to BKME 30%.
Obviously there's a wide variety of intersex conditions.

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