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An individual who is intermediate in sexual constitution between male and female.



an organism that to some degree possesses characteristics of both sexes simultaneously.

An intersex should be distinguished from a gynandromorph, in which the characteristics of the different sexes are distributed mosaically, that is, in various parts of the body. In contrast to normally functioning bisexual organisms, sexual function in an intersex is usually underdeveloped.

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Of Prime-Stevenson's works, The Intersexes is the most substantial.
What soon becomes apparent from a reading of The Intersexes is its function as a mediating text: one that renders accessible to a lay audience sexological studies of homosexuality published over the previous half century.
Whereas at the outset of The Intersexes he invites readers to consider homosexuals as if they were heterosexual, by the halfway mark, Prime-Stevenson has inverted his strategy.