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(ĭntēfă`dĕ) [Arab.,=uprising, shaking off], the Palestinian uprising during the late 1980s and early 90s in the West BankWest Bank,
territory, formerly part of Palestine, after 1949 administered by Jordan, since 1967 largely occupied by Israel (2005 est. pop. 2,386,000), 2,165 sq mi (5,607 sq km), west of the Jordan River, incorporating the northwest quadrant of the Dead Sea.
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 and Gaza StripGaza Strip
, (2007 pop. 1,416,543) rectangular coastal area, c.140 sq mi (370 sq km), SW Asia, on the Mediterranean Sea adjoining Egypt and Israel, in what was formerly SW Palestine, now officially administered by the Palestinian Authority.
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, areas that had been occupied by Israel since 1967. A vehicular accident that killed four Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in Dec., 1987, sparked immediate local protests that rapidly spread to the West Bank. The violence was marked by stone-throwing and the use of homemade explosive devices on behalf of the Arabs, and the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and home demolition by Israeli troops attempting to quell the popular resistance. The conflict led to an Israeli military crackdown and the stagnation of the Arab economies in the occupied territories, but with the gradual establishment of Palestinian self-rule, beginning with the accord between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1993, the violence eased significantly.

The term "intifada" has also been used to describe the anti-Israeli uprising that began after the Sept. 20, 2000, visit of the right-wing Israeli politician Ariel SharonSharon, Ariel
, 1928–2014, Israeli general and politician, b. Kfar Malal as Ariel Scheinerman. As a teenager he joined the Haganah, the underground Zionist military brigade, and took his Hebrew name from the Sharon Plain, where he worked in 1947.
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 to the Jerusalem holy site known as (to Jews) the Temple Mount or (to Arabs) the Haram esh-Sherif. Arising out of Palestinian frustration with the slow progress since the since 1993, the fighting has had the character more of a guerrilla war and has been marked by the use of suicide bomb attacks by Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and elements of the PLO and by Israeli attacks on official Palestinian installations and reoccupation of areas Israeli forces had left after 1993.


the Palestinian uprising against Israel in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that started at the end of 1987
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The Israeli attempts and the arrest campaign targeting Hamas's leaders and members last night are failed attempts seeking to break determination of the Palestinian people and to prevent them from continuing the blessed intifada," he claimed.
The previous intifadas in 1987-1993 and 2000-2005 left hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians dead.
The First and Second Intifadas, as well as the 2015 'Third Intifada', were expressions of resistance against Israel's ongoing occupation and its violation of Palestinian rights.
Besides these killings, over 14,000 people have been injured so far due to the firing of bullets, pellets and teargas shells by Indian troops and police on peaceful demonstrations during the Intifada.
More than 248 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and settlers' gunfire since the outbreak of Jerusalem Intifada.
One aspect of the intifada was an increase of Palestinian reciprocal attacks, often involving youths wielding knives.
These figures were newly published by the Palestinian Prisoners and Released Affairs' Commission report on the 28th anniversary of the Palestinian Intifada.
The intifada, claimed Bardawil, "shows that the Palestinians are closer than ever to liberating Jerusalem from the occupation.
Haneya called for enlarging the escalation and the clashes with Israel by a comprehensive intifada, adding that the Gaza Strip "is ready to join the comprehensive intifada.
ABU DHABI: Like most episodes of Palestinian resistance, the Intifada -- the unarmed popular uprising against Israeli occupation of 1987-93 -- tends to be held hostage to hindsight.
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