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The innermost coat of a blood vessel. Also known as tunica intima.



(tunica intima vasorum), the inner coat of the blood vessels (except the capillaries).

The intima consists of a layer of endothelium, a layer of loose connective tissue underneath, and an inner elastic membrane that separates the intima from the tunica media. The intima forms pocketlike valves in the veins, permitting the blood in the vessels to flow in only one direction.

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Rat aorta intima in all groups were injured by insertion of domestic balloon catheter into the aortae except sham-operated rats.
Major Finding: Abdominal aortic intima media thickness was significantly greater in infants with IUGR than in controls, as was blood pressure, in one small study.
Intima is the Manar Mall's smart-card-based loyalty programme launched in December 2008.
No hubo acumulacion de laminina alrededor de estas celulas, pero destacada era una banda vascular de la zona limite entre intima y subintima, la cual fue positiva para laminina y CD68 la cual separaba la intima de la subintima.
The foregut is lined by the cuticular intima and is mainly concerned with the passage, storage and fragmentation of food material before it reaches the midgut (Snodgrass 1935; Chapman 1985; Lehane 1998).
The study demonstrated an age-associated increase in the relative area of the arterial wall and confirmed previous observations that the degree of occlusion of the lumen by the intima increases with age[5, 6].
sup][5] found that vein grafts with macroporous external stents had thinner intima than those with microporous external stents, which suggested that vasa vasorum neovascularization of vein grafts might play an important role in the remodeling of vein grafts.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To study the carotid intima media thickness in newly diagnosed hypertensive subjects and to correlate degree of hypertension with carotid intima media thickness.
Conclusion: In diabetic subjects carotid intima media thickness is increased as compared to the non diabetic subjects.
Calismamiza alinan bireylerin yas gruplarina gore ortalama karotis arter intima -media kalinliklari (mm) Degiskenler n Minimum Maksimum Ortalama [+ or -] SS 20-29 yas 64 0.
C-Reactive Protein is asociated to carotid intima media thickness in patients with isolated hypercholesterolemia.
The pathogenesis of vascular proliferative diseases involves the proliferation and migration of medial vascular SMCs into the vessel intima, possibly reinstating their embryonic gene expression programs.