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By 12 weeks after treatment, complete healing of the lesions had occurred in 75% of the patients who received intralesional injections, 69% of those who were treated with localized heat, and 49% of those who were treated with intramuscular injections, he reported.
The trial results suggest that patients receiving intramuscular injections of IR501 Therapeutic Vaccine (IR501) combined with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant (IFA) showed statistically significant improvement when compared with patients receiving only IFA.
DELATESTRYL provides testosterone enanthate, a derivative of the primary endogenous androgen testosterone, via intramuscular injection.
Using this technology, risperidone is encapsulated in microspheres made of a biodegradable polymer, which are suspended in a water-based solution and administered to patients by intramuscular injection.
Using the Medisorb technology, naltrexone is encapsulated in microspheres made of a biodegradable polymer that dissolve slowly and release drug at a controlled rate following intramuscular injection.
The objectives of the extension study were to examine the durability of the treatment effect and to continue the evaluation of the tolerability of Vivitrex administered by intramuscular injection once-monthly in adults with alcohol dependence.
These patients also received, at a different time, an intramuscular injection of calcitonin to establish a baseline.
Pain disappeared completely or was reduced to only mild pain in nearly half of patients (46 percent) within 30 minutes of a single 1 mg intramuscular injection of DHE-45, and in 72 percent of patients within an hour.
In the study, 183 patients with acute migraine headache were treated in physician offices with a 1 mg intramuscular injection of DHE-45.
investigated STMD in children with a range of BMIs and showed that longer AAI needle lengths that were available at the time of the study would improve the chance of intramuscular injection in patients who are obese.
We are unable to exclude the possibility that the deaths were caused by rapid, but delayed, entry of the drug into the bloodstream following intramuscular injection," the FDA announced March 23.
Prior to this approval, the only approved route of administration for Erwinaze was through intramuscular injection.