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Intraspecies identities of homologous ITS regions from the specimens collected in this study and the GenBank controls ranged from 95.
PCR-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis profiling of inter- and intraspecies 18S rRNA gene sequence heterogeneity is an accurate and sensitive method to assess species diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of the genus Gigaspora.
This communication occurs at several levels: intraspecies (like-bacteria talking to like-bacteria); interspecies (communication among bacteria of different species and genera); and bacteria to host (bacterial communication with mammalian cells).
In the wild in Madagascar, these lemurs are social primates, forming large intraspecies troops that usually have very little close interspecies affiliations, except in a few cases.
This decline in populations and population sizes could have considerable effects on the genetic structure of amphibian populations, such as decreased genetic diversity or restricted intraspecies genetic flow.
The common intraspecies growth trends suggest that the growth of spruce and hemlock over a large area of south-central Nova Scotia has responded to common climatic factors over the past four centuries.
The other primates form bands bound together by a basic intraspecies attraction, affection, and sexual interest, as well as for defense.
Restriction fragment patterns from double digests were used to construct restriction site maps for comparisons of species and detection of intraspecies variation (Appendix 1).
A self-contained, intraspecies comparison would avoid the variances between organisms by requesting the calculation of what may be termed the natural- and the human-selection rates.
The Audubon Institute Center for Research of Endangered Species said the first known intraspecies birth could bolster endangered species and possibly even be used to resurrect entire species.
For Girard, the crucifixion of Jesus is not the sacrificial payment for sin demanded by God, but the revelation of God's love for humanity--the divine answer to the problem of intraspecies violence.
Shyness and boldness "is the only pair of traits on which there appears to be intraspecies variation in almost every vertebrate species studied," he says.