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In our patient, we detected complete synechiae of the distal vagina beginning at the level of the introitus.
The presence of this huge fungating mass at the introitus in this patient was confusing; neglected procidentia with cervical hypertrophy.
Another option is Neogyn, which is marketed as an external vulvar soothing cream and is also meant to be applied to the introitus and external vulvar tissue.
Its diagnosis requires a high index of suspicion when tumour is palpable in vagina or seen out of introitus and uterine fundus is not palpable on bimanual examination, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is also helpful in the diagnosis.
El Introitus con que se inicia es: Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis .
suturing the remnant tissue that overlays the urethra and introitus, leaving a small hole for urination and menses.
The Parforcehornmesse aus dem "Land im Gebirge" (Hunting Horn mass from the land in the mountains) begins with an organ Introitus in which the old Austrian call for the start of the hunt is used.
Fourth problem can be of 'Vulvodynia', which is a pain syndrome of the vulva that is characterized by point hypersensitivity to touch usually in the introitus -entrance to the vagina.
These devices can be particularly helpful in cases with narrowed introitus and large uterus.
Dermatolojik muayenede, daha yogun olarak bilateral labia minor ic yuzeyinde lineer tarzda simetrik yerlesimli, daha az sayida ise introitus vajina bolgesinde, 1-2 mm capta ve 1-3 mm uzunlukta, mukoza ile ayni renkte, birbirinden ayri filiform papulleri mevcuttu (Resim 1, 2).