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The symbolic absorption into and toward oneself of concepts and feelings generated toward another person or object; motivates irrational behavior toward oneself.



in theory of knowledge, the concept, introduced by the Austrian philosopher R. Avenarius, of the inadmissibility—from his point of view—of the insertion of perceived images into the consciousness of the individual. According to Avenarius, this follows from the inadmissibility of dividing the ideal and the real in general; this view is the result of his basing his philosophy on the concept of experience, dissolving within it the contrast between the spiritual and the material and thus attempting to refute materialism entirely. Criticism of these concepts of experience and introjection is provided by V. I. Lenin in his Materialism and Empiriocriticism (Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 18).

In psychology introjection is the individual’s inclusion of other persons’ views, motivations, and purposes in his inner world. It is a basis for identification. Projection is the opposite of introjection. The concept of introjection was introduced by the Hungarian psychoanalyst S. Ferenczi into depth psychology, where it is viewed as a psychological mechanism that plays an important role in the formation of the superego, conscience, and other personality phenomena.

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Following a sequence of projection and introjection, Klein (1932) considered the obsessional neurotic to typically reproject the fear of being attacked or destroyed by introjected objects while attempting to 'control' (p.
His is accordingly a futile dream of the successful introjection of both himself and a living woman--a dream of erasing her otherness by means of a purifying and simplifying death.
We will discuss how to encourage the natural transformation of individuation in our psychotherapy through the re-attribution of introjections and the re-collection of projections.
However, even without a perception of God, something like our mutual visual gaze with mother, we form introjections that are images.
Loretta's introjection of the debris of the tuner city is evident in her juxtaposition of sentences: "I don't really look like this, I look a different way.
Rather, what is overpowered and what imprints on "the fourth look" is an 'afterimage,' as in the psychical mechanism of introjection.
The way to do this, I think, is by a detailed examination of the particular types of phantasy--projective identification, introjection, splitting--that Kleinians have isolated as central to the human mind's primordial activities.
Meanwhile, Edwina returns to Agustin in a photograph which he chews up and swallows, desperate in his desire for empowerment and identification by introjection into his other, or she returns to him in totally fragmented images.
The French: "Elle [la voix maternelle] porte, en effet, les premieres introjections preparatoires aux identifications.
The ultimate outcome of this process is the completion of the introjection of positive models of mature nurturing which was not completed in childhood due to the unavailability of such a model (Phillips & Frederick, 1995; Frederick & McNeal, 1998).
No poem in Masks demonstrates as clearly as "Sunsum," from which the preceding passage is taken, that the volume is not so much a celebration of origins as a confrontation with history, an excavation of the poet's introjections, laying bare that subterranean area of his Caribbean awareness to which has been consigned its most conflicting affective symbols.
Searles (1965) examines how such introjections may become apparent in the patient's behaviour.