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The symbolic absorption into and toward oneself of concepts and feelings generated toward another person or object; motivates irrational behavior toward oneself.



in theory of knowledge, the concept, introduced by the Austrian philosopher R. Avenarius, of the inadmissibility—from his point of view—of the insertion of perceived images into the consciousness of the individual. According to Avenarius, this follows from the inadmissibility of dividing the ideal and the real in general; this view is the result of his basing his philosophy on the concept of experience, dissolving within it the contrast between the spiritual and the material and thus attempting to refute materialism entirely. Criticism of these concepts of experience and introjection is provided by V. I. Lenin in his Materialism and Empiriocriticism (Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 18).

In psychology introjection is the individual’s inclusion of other persons’ views, motivations, and purposes in his inner world. It is a basis for identification. Projection is the opposite of introjection. The concept of introjection was introduced by the Hungarian psychoanalyst S. Ferenczi into depth psychology, where it is viewed as a psychological mechanism that plays an important role in the formation of the superego, conscience, and other personality phenomena.

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For example, techniques such as participatory, community-based disaster management or adaptive co-management introject the outside's affective force into post-liberal governance (Grove, 2014).
The act of rising above the fear and expressing feelings to the introject is empowering, and proves to the Vaded state that there is nothing to fear.
Just as we need to return to the scene of the traumas where we took on the introjects, so too do we need to return to the circus to find those characters we identified with and to finally sever the original bargain.
The encounter with these introjects finds expression in the belief that, as the Berndts (1943:153, 157) reported from Ooldea, during nocturnal dreams and after a person's death, his spirit or soul wanders around freely in the bush and may possibly meet a MAMU.
Negative introjects involve bad feelings about self where the very young begin to feel that they are wrong and different and that it is not okay to feel and behave as they do.
Resurrecting the good parent entails masculinizing the indifferent mother as a caring paternal introject patterned on the Jesuit educators and sullying the real object of des Esseintes' hatred through acts designed to shock.
34) On the one hand, he introjects his parents to form an inner agency of criticism and aggression.
This is not the case, however, with "The Oval Portrait," for one of the central problems in this story is that it is impossible to abolish or to introject the original in its entirety.
But whereas the "normal" subject protects herself from dejection by casting out or sublimating the abject, the melancholic is someone who introjects it.
Key here is a subtle but important shift in the nature of otherness that disaster resilience introjects into neoliberal order.
The possibility of a grandmother introject was also indicated in the Word Association Test.
As has been shown throughout this paper, much of the apparently 'crazy' or seemingly irrational behaviour of patients towards therapists, as well as more generally, may in fact represent an understandable responsiveness on the part of the patient to powerful introjects (therapists and other caregivers) towards whom psychotic patients may be uniquely vulnerable.