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Increase work in pairs, which are beneficial for both introverts and extroverts.
Regardless of your profession, aspirations or age, any introvert will find valuable counsel and guidance in this brainy, accessible book.
Brainstorms are thunderous: Introverts generally prefer to think in a quiet place sans commotion and chatter.
So, if you're an introvert struggling through your weekly all-hands updates, the problem may be with your office rather than you.
We looked more closely at introverts and their needs in the workplace.
Below are some of the persistent myths surrounding extroverts and introverts with interesting rebuttals.
No significant differences in linguistic accuracy existed between extraverts and introverts.
It's time for the introverts to reclaim their place in the world - we'll just go about doing it so quietly you may not even notice.
Structuring the day in a way to make time for yourself is essential for introverts, as getting away from office enables people to de-stress and recharge easily.
Their ability to make small talk makes them appear more socially adept than introverts.
Introverts, however, often suffer for years, feeling, "I don't fit in.
The MBTI, which is based on Jungian personality theory, uses a series of questions, refined through research, to identify an individual's communication style among four categories: 1) extrovert or introvert, 2) sensing or intuitive, 3) thinker or feeler and 4) judger or perceiver.