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Passing of a portion of a structure into another part of the same structure, such as the invagination of a part of the intestine.



the expansion of the cell wall in plants as a result of the introduction of new molecules of cellulose and protopectin into the already formed wall. Intussusception was previously contrasted to apposition, that is, the growth of the wall through the deposit of new layers from inside (from the protoplasm). Actually, both apposition and intussusception are observed during the growth and thickening of the cell wall.

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Ultrasound abdomen was performed which revealed a well circumscribed lesion adjacent to right kidney, measuring 63 x 49 mm, suggestive of an intussusception.
Intussusception is a common abdominal emergency among children aged less than 2 years.
Due to the inability of gastrografin enema to reduce the intussusception and probable mass or polyp as lead point in this age group, he was taken for exploratory laparotomy where a small polyp was discovered as the likely etiology of intussusception.
Intussusception is defined as invagination of an intestinal segment with its mesentery as a result of peristalsis into the intestinal lumen.
Retrograde gastric intussusceptions after myotomy for achalasia.
By imaging, intussusception can be divided into cases caused by a lead point versus non-lead point.
The small intestine intussusception and colon intussusceptions were induced by the adjacent big polyps in our case study.
Sometimes, small bowel melanoma presents with emergency clinical picture due to intestinal obstruction or intestinal intussusception and rarely as bowel perforation [2].
In cases of colonic prolapse, by definition, an intestinal intussusception has occurred.
An intraluminal tumor, submucosal edema or any process that causes dysrhythmic contractions may initiate intussusception.
We simultaneously instituted a prospective observational study to assess our cohort of patients presenting with intussusception and document the impact of our updated guidelines.