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the ability of agents of infection (viruses, bacteria, protozoans) to penetrate the body of a plant, animal, or person and to spread within it by overcoming the body ’s defenses through the manufacture of toxins and enzymes (chiefly hyaluronidase).

Invasiveness is characteristic of a species and, within a species, of various strains of the microorganism. The degree and speed of the spread of microorganisms from the initial site of entry to particular organs and tissues are defined as the invasiveness of the given strain of causative agent. The invasiveness depends on the age of the culture and may be increased by the repeated inoculation (passage) of susceptible animals.

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There is a huge unmet demand for new versions of non-invasive and minimally invasive cardiac output monitoring devices, and to meet these demands, new projects have been initiated.
Prospective studies have failed to define a causal link between NSAIDs and invasive GAS infections (3), though such studies were not specifically designed to investigate this relationship.
Not only does our state issue grants to the cities for the planting of exotic and invasive non-native trees but the state also subsidized the nurseries that grow them with grants for fencing and deer damage.
Locally, arundo is a bamboo-like grass that's highly invasive because it chokes up the river and crowds out the native species like willows and cottonwoods,'' said Ian Swift, biologist at the Placerita Nature Center.
INVASIONS' COSTS Invasive foliage has become a serious problem globally.
2 the odds of invasive cervical cancer, and those who were positive for type 16 had 4.
When an invasive species disrupts and dominates a food chain, it can siphon food energy away from other organisms in the chain.
Some authors recommend earbapenems as the initial regimen against invasive methicillin-susceptible S.
We need an early-warning system to pick up species when they first become invasive," says biologist E.
Increasingly, outbreaks of invasive GAS are recognized in long-term care facilities (5-10).
Scientists are having difficulty explaining the rise in invasive strep infections.

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