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the ability of agents of infection (viruses, bacteria, protozoans) to penetrate the body of a plant, animal, or person and to spread within it by overcoming the body ’s defenses through the manufacture of toxins and enzymes (chiefly hyaluronidase).

Invasiveness is characteristic of a species and, within a species, of various strains of the microorganism. The degree and speed of the spread of microorganisms from the initial site of entry to particular organs and tissues are defined as the invasiveness of the given strain of causative agent. The invasiveness depends on the age of the culture and may be increased by the repeated inoculation (passage) of susceptible animals.

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The Asia-Pacific and Emerging MIS spinal device market also exhibits a large demand from patients with back pain, who are becoming aware of the advantages of minimally invasive techniques compared to open surgery.
There was no significant difference between invasive ductal and lobular cancer in terms of overall survival.
causative risk factor) for invasive GAS infection, NSAID use could mark the onset of disease symptoms (fever, localized pain, and inflammation).
While our native black locust is on the list of invasive native species, exotic varieties of locust are being intensely planted in the cities.
Invasive species threaten California native species by thriving in their habitats and competing for limited resources, according to the Nature Conservancy.
State officials identified several legislative gaps or problems with existing legislation intended to address invasive species.
However, her team's research shows, it takes only one aggressively invasive species to profoundly disturb the natural ecosystem of a forest, wetland, or prairie.
The analysis included 1,263 women with invasive cervical cancer (1,158 with squamous cell carcinoma and 105 with adenocarcinoma or adenosquamous cell carcinoma) and 1,117 women without cervical cancer who were the same age.
In 2009, the global minimal invasive product market is estimated to be approximately $16.
The Chinese market for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) spinal devices is the least mature and fastest growing market in the Asia-Pacific region due to the high number of untreated potential patients.
A bacterial invasive infection was considered and the antibiotic therapy was started with ceftriaxone, 2 g/day, and rifampin, 1,200 mg/day.

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