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What does it mean when you dream about an inventor?

We can dream about an inventor, or about being an inventor, when we are trying to figure out something. Otherwise, an inventor can simply represent our own creativity.

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Children will invent story structure by telling and writing stories.
To generate activities, we followed a three-step process that was repeated time and again: copy, adapt and invent.
He invents the Internet, inspires the fictional hero of Love Story, blows the whistle on Love Canal.
My listeners' skepticism at that notion forced me to invent a court system, laws of equity, doctrines of nuisance and trespass, zoning and land-use planning, clean water and air acts, forest-practice and pesticide-control laws.
WASHINGTON -- Chicagoans and Slate readers are invited tojoin top entrepreneurs for a lively discussion about how individuals can invent new career opportunities for themselves in today's economy.
July 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- INVENT Ventures (OTC: IDEA) a business development company that invests in early-stage web technology companies, announced today its portfolio company VIRURL was written up in Forbes.
Franklin used that idea to invent the armonica, a musical instrument made of glass, that worked in a similar fashion.
The handsome man in the white shirt and tie didn't invent televised selling, but he became the master of the medium, injecting his personality into every pitch.
There is plenty here, too, for students looking for particulars about more obscure inventors (such as Willy Higinbotham, who took time off his research on nuclear e nergy to invent the computer game of Solitaire, and Robert Kearns.
Other urban families invent food by traveling into the countryside to buy directly from farmers, a practice that is also outlawed.
Mother-of-two Susan Miller, 44, told a jury at Liverpool Crown Court: "How could I invent something like that?